About Arak


Arak is the capital of Markazi Province, Iran. 

Despite archeological finds around the city suggesting its history dates back to the Median (678 -549 BC) and Sassanid (224-651 CE) eras, the modern city of Arak was originally a fortress named Soltan Abad built near the village of Karahrud during the reign of Fath-Ali Shah Qajar (1772–1834) by his son-in-law Yusef Khan-e Gorji (?-1824).

According to an inscription above the city’s traditional bazaar, Yusef Khan-e Gorji, who was also the governor of Soltan Abad, founded the city in 1808. The city’s name was officially changed to Arak in 1938.

There is much speculation about the meaning of the word Arak. Some believe it means capital, date orchard and township and others believe Arak is the Persian pronunciation of Iraq, as in the olden days Muslim geographers referred to this area as the Iraq of Ajam (Persian or non-Arab).

The Arak, with its bold floral medallions, is one of the finest Persian carpets produced in Iran. In general, lower quality rugs from this city are simply known as Arak rug and high quality carpets which have blue weft and salmon or tomato-red color designs are known as Sarouk.

This city, which is only 200 years old, officially became a metropolis in 2014. (http://www.toiran.com/)


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