Call for paper

Important dates

  • Full Paper Deadline: 10th January 2020 (EXTENDED)
  • Notification of Paper Acceptance: 15th January 2020
  • Author Registration Deadline: 20th January 2020


Congress Poster


The scope for this conference includes, but not limited to the following topics:


Civil engineering


Mechanical And Material Engineering


Electronics Engineering

Structural and Earthquake engineering

Geotechnical engineering

Water resources engineering

Transportation engineering

Offshore engineering

Hydraulic Engineering



Sustainable Architecture

History and Theories of Architecture

Architectural Design and Theories

Architecture and Building Materials

Art Design and Landscape


Green Building Materials

Computers in Architecture


Environmental engineering

Environmental Science and Technology

Physical Oceanography

Habitat reconstruction

Biodiversity conservation


Landscape degradation and restoration

Groundwater remediation

Storm-water management

Reuse of reclaimed waters

Water Treatment Technologies


Automation & Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Design & Development in Mechanical Engineering

Energy System Design & Therm-Economics Analysis

Renewable Energy

Modeling & Simulation

Theoretical & Experimental Methods


Deepwater Technology

Plant, Equipment, Integrity and Reliability

Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics

Mechanisms and Machines

Smart, Advanced & Functional Engineering Materials

Corrosion Engineering

Low-Carbon Technology


System Integration

Combustion and Fuel Technology

Ocean Economy and Marine Technology

Onshore and Offshore Facilities

Fire Engineering





Artificial Intelligence

Computer Architecture for Intelligent Machines

Device Electronics for I.C

Electronic Medical Devices

Electronics & Nano Electronics

Mobile Computing

Multimedia Services and Technologies

Networks Design, Protocols and


Optical Electronic Devices & Photonics

Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits

Robotic Systems


Wireless Communication


Computer Science

Software Architectures and Design

Software Project Management

Software Testing, Diagnosis, and Validation

Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Reverse Engineering and Software Maintenance

Aspect-Orientation and Feature Interaction

Object-Oriented Technology

Component-Based Software Engineering

Computer-Supported Cooperative Work

Software Security, Safety and Reliability

Programming Languages and Software Engineering


Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


Chemical Engineering


Agricultural Science

Nanostructured materials

Biological nanoscience


Electronic devices, transistors, diodes

Polymer nanocomposites

Nanomanufacturing and nanoassemblies

Nanotechnology for environment and energy

Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology

Nanotechnology in electromagnetic compatibility

Organic electronics

Electronic devices, transistors, diodes

Nanosensors and optical sensors

Nano-optics, nanophotonics and




Bio nanomaterials and nanobiosystems

Nanoscale modeling and simulations

Nanotechnology for environment and energy

LED, LD, OLED, solar cells

Nanoelectronics and molecular electronics

Carbon Nanotubes, Fullerenes and Graphene

Synthesis of Nanomaterials

Sustainable Nanomanufacturing

Nanoscale Materials Characterization

Modeling and Simulation at the Nanoscale


Material Science and Engineering

Materials for Energy Harvesting and Storage

Materials for Data Storage

Materials for Electronic and Optical Applications


Masonry Materials

Structural Materials

Building Materials





Synthesis, Properties or Applications of Materials

Heat Treatment Processes

Testing, Evaluation and

Characterization of Materials

Geochemistry and Health

Chemical Engineering Fundamentals

Chemical Engineering Educational

Challenges and Development

Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Chemical Engineering Equipment

Design and Process Design

Catalysis & Reaction


 Agricultural Biotechnology

Beverage and Fermentation Technology

Breeding and genetics

Cellular and molecular biology

Food Engineering and Nutrition

Food & dairy agricultural biotechnology